Transmuted Generalized Quasi Lindley Distribution

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Exponentiated SUSHILA Distribution

M. Elgarhy, A. W. Shawki

Pendant Domination in Some Generalised Graphs

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Non-Neighbor Topological Indices for Hydrocarbons

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Systematic Approach for Simulation Based System Level Modeling

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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Academic Motivation of School Students of Shimla District

Ishita Ghaonta

Kumaraswamy SUSHILA Distribution

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Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties of Periwinkle Shell Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in Concrete

Ubong David Offiong, Godwin Edem Akpan

Design of Propeller Turbine for Micro Hydro Power Station Using CFD

Ravi Shankar Shukla, Dr. Charu Parashar

The Theory and Practice of Federalism: A Critical Analysis of History and Global Trend

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Arms Resistance and Influence on Political Parties in Nigeria

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An Experimental Analysis of Polarization Shearing Interferometer based Wavefront Sensor

Dr. M. Mohamed Ismail

Stability of Quintic Functional Equation in Matrix Normed Spaces: A Fixed Point Approach

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Design and Implementation of an Interfacing Protocol between I2C and APB for an AMBA Based SOC

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Metal Removing Thermal Stress Influences on Hardness and Tensile Strength Properties of Machined Items for Aeronautic Applications

Shehret Tilvaldyev, Arturo Paz Pérez, Manuel Alejandro Lira Martínez, Cardenas Dominguez Itzel Daniela