Publication for Volume 2 Issue 10, 2018 is in-process …

Study on the Effect of China’s OFDI on Industrial Structure Adjustment Based on Grey Relational Theory
Yanxiu Wang

Financial Feasibility Analysis of Terminal Construction Project at Motaain Checkpoint Crossing in Belu Regency
Reyneldis Laurensia Fernandez, Subandiyah Azis, Tiong Iskandar

A Model for Visibility Reduction Extended Hybrid Fake News Detection System
Benjamin A. Abara, Efeosasere Moibi Okoro, Ibe Peace Ibenu, Ekene Samuel Nnebi

Holographic Media Based on the Chalcogenide Glassy Semiconductors for Real Time Holography
Arcadi Chirita, Vladimir Prilepov, Nadejda Nasedchina

Plankton Diversity of Ganga Rivers in Haridwar District U.K.
Dr. Deepika Vats, Dr. Shiv Nath Yadav

Constrain Based Image Sharing in Timeline
M. A. Gunavathie, J. Hemavathy

Research on the Relationships among Jiangsu’s OFDI, Financial Development and Industrial Structure Optimization
Shuyan Shang

Analysis Proximate, Ultimate, and Thermal Gravimetric Based on Variations Dimensions of Briquettes from Waste Jackfruit Crust
Joko Waluyo, Yuli Pratiwi

Millennials’ Perception toward the Residence with Green Building Concept
Maranatha Wijayaningtyas, Fuad Ahmadi, Togi Halomoan Nainggolan

Climate Change Impact on Drought and Water Crisis in Iran
Hüseyin Gokçekuş, Nima Eini, Saied Jafariroodsari