Publication for Volume 3 Issue 4 is in-process …

Determination of Bee Spacing and Comb Cell Dimension for Apis Mellifera Scutellate Races across Different Agro-Ecology in Western Ethiopia
Habtie Arega Kidie, Mezgebu Getnet Alebel    (DOI: )

Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Cold Formed Steel Sections under Bending
V. Chandrikka, S. Shanmugavel, B. Sivasurya, B. Soundarya Lakshmi, M. Praveen kumar    (DOI: )

Pyrolysis-Oil Production Assembly
Rushin Panchal, Hrishi Bhatt, Kunj Bhavsar, Jalpan Dave, Priyanka Sharma    (DOI: )

Analysis of the Palm Oil Governance in Indonesia
Leili Tilvaldyeva    (DOI: )

Pull-out Behavior of Conventional Steel Reinforcement in Normal and High Strength Concrete
M. T. Bashir, M. Ansar, S. Muhammad, Faizan Farid, Muhammad Inam Abbas    (DOI: )

Design and Fabrication of Electro Magnetic Parking Brake for Handicapped Persons
Tanmay Nayi, Jwalin Mehta, Punit Patel, Smit Gandhi, Priyanka Sharma    (DOI: )