Design of Pre-Cooler for Gas Turbine at Garri (1and2) Power Station by Using Vapor Compression Refrigeration System

Jassim Salah Mohammed, Ali Mohamed Hamdan, Ramadan Mohmmed

Discovering Similar Cities Using Text Mining: A Recommendation Application for Turkey

Yunus Doğan, Yunus Turdu

EMF Exposure and SAR Analysis in the Cow Tissues

Habib Dogan, Ibrahim Bahadir Basyigit, Sukru Ozen, Selcuk Helhel

Telomere Attrition in Controlled & Un-Controlled Type –2 Diabetes Mellitus- Review

Dinkar G. Joshi, Dr...Geeta Ibrahim, Dr. Vijay Kore, Dr. V. S. Shindagi

Response Analysis of a Suction Pile Under the Influence of Mooring Tension

Ezenwankwo J. U., Azubike N. D., Awuchi C. G.

A Review on the Study of Difference between the Smart Building and Green Building

Pandey Shivam, Nishad Rahul, Pandey Sachin

Knowledge Management Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm with Picard Iteration

Jui-Chiao Tseng

Fuzzy Possibility Clustering Algorithm Based on Complete Mahalanobis Distances

Sue-Fen Huang

Design of Microcantilever Sensor for Detection of P24 Antigen in HIV Diagnoses

Saurabh N K, Deekshanya Badri, Rudraswamy S B

A Population Prediction Model Based on Variable Weight Coefficients

Xiang Wan, Bing-Xiang Liu, Xing Xu

Characterization of Borrow Area Materials for the Bhaunrat Dam Project – A Case Study

Noor Shahid, Chitra R., Gupta M., Singh Amardeep

Cryptography and Related Techniques

Nitish Arora, Pankaj Goel, Akshay Sehgal, Dr. Shaveta Bhatia

Human Resources in Successful Implementation of Vocational and Technology Education Benchmark in University

Akegbejo, David Adeleke

Ad-Hoc Network and Their Applications

Akash Gulati, Mohit Sharma, Nikhil Sharma, Dr. Shaveta Bhatia

Software Test Case Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm

Sandeep Goyal, Pranmohan Mishra, Amrit Lamichhane, Dr. Parul Gandhi


Jan-Erik Lane, Florent Dieterlen

A Review of Biogeochemical Composition in Accordance with Bacterial Diversity in Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Ilknur Tuncer

Biosorption of Pb (II) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Dry and Immobilized Biomass of Rhizopus arrhizus

S. Maheswari

Reinforcement of Rubber by In-situ Formed Silica

Magdalena Lipińska, Marian Zaborski

The Most Real Evaluation of Efficiency and the Causes that Produce the Inefficiency of the Decision Making Units with Two-Phase Process in DEA

Blerta Nazarko (Kristo)