A Generalized Formulation of the Concept of the “Cube” – A Hidden Relationship of a Topological Nature between the Cube and Truncated Octahedron

Nikos Kourniatis

The Design and Application of Porcelain Musical APP based on Android System

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A Review on the Study of Principle Characteristics, Composition Mixture and Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete with Different Techniques

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An Intelligent Algorithm to Control Welding Parameters for Lab Joint

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Fabrication of Coir Pith Lignin-Based Fibers Using Electrospinning Method

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Component Based Software Development – “An Efficient Approach”

Dr. Parul Gandhi, Kritika Vashisht, Kunal Dawra, Shanu Jaitly, Prasenjit Banerjee

Blocking Adult Account in OSN’s Using Iterative Social Based Classifier Algorithm

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Production and Analysis of Biodiesel from Waste Vegetable Oil Feedstock

Alex Okibe Edeoja, Jacob Sunday Ibrahim, Esther Akhabogu

A Detailed Study on Content Synopsis

Sona Gupta, Sonal Jain, Preety Deshwal, Dr. Rashmi Agrawal

Scalable Group Key Agreement using Key Tree in Mobile Environment

Seokhyang Cho

Web Request Level Protection of Cyber Applications against Threats and Attacks

BELLO Rotimi-Williams, MORADEYO Oluwatomilola Motunrayo, OLANIYAN Abolade Shekinat

Software Testing Using Genetic Algorithm: A Review

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Evaluation of Hydrochemical Attributes of the Amachara Mining Area, Lower Benue Trough

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Assessment of Water Pollution Status in the Mining Area of Ameka, South Eastern Nigeria Using Metal Pollution Index

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Generalized Stability of Cubic Functional Equation

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The Linearized Dispersion Relation of Navier-Stokes Equation in Shallow Water

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Reactionary Public Policy Making in India: Issues and Remedies

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A Review Study on the Effect of Replacement of Cement by Crushed Fluorescent Lamp

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