Carbon Black Effect on Electrical Performance of Semi-Conducting Layers for Power Cables

Loai S. Nasrat, Abd Allah A. Ibrahim, Amany A. H. El-Shazly

Development of a Global Positioning System (GPS) for Managing Parking 

Edward Onyango Orinda, Mathew Clemence Lyamba

Inconsistence of Self Assessment Principles Implementation in Indonesian Tax Law

Bakhtiar, Suhariningsih, Iwan Permadi, Tunggul Anshari Setia Negara

Ratio Legis of Asset Seizure of Non-Corruption Result from Corruption Convict in Law Enforcement in Indonesia

Zaenudin, Sudarsono, A. Rachmad Budiono, Bambang Sugiri

A Study of Effect of Social Media on Buying Behavior of Customers with Respect to Online Branding & Brand Perception

Dr. Devendra Kumar Tiwari

Biochar Briquette from Jackfruit Crust: Production, Mechanical and Proximate Properties

Joko Waluyo, Yuli Pratiwi, Paramita D Sukmawati

Named Data Networking in VANET: A Survey

Isa Shemsi, Prachi Kadam

Study of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in India

Randolf Miranda, Chanchal Tike, Kshipra Vadake

A Survey: Use of SDN on DSDV Routing Protocol in VANET

Habib M, Rutuja K

A Nonlinear Discrete Optimization with Preconditioning for Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery

Mardiana Irawaty, Herman Mawengkang

Effect of Demonetization on Real Estate Sector & Construction Management

Namita Badole, Kamini Karma

Alternative Building Material for Risk Reduction

Sourabh S Patil, Nilkesh S Thakare

Implementation of Virtual Reality in Construction Industry

Raj Jain, Pratik kokate

Lean Construction

Kalyani Mowade, Kedar Shelar

A Survey on Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. N. Hariharan, Sreelekshmi S

Digital Multimedia Information Retrieval Using Bootstrap Aggregative Learning Classifier

K. Vijayan, C. Chandrasekar

Mechanical Properties of Banana Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

Ramadan Mohmmed, Hasabo A. Mhd Ahmed, Mohammed kheiry, Rabaa Hassan, Suliman Mohammed, Tarig Siddig

Signature Verification Using LDP & LBP with SVM Classifiers

Supriya Singh, Prof. Manjiri Gogate, Prof. Sheetal Jagdale

The Effect of Seasonal Variations, Pregnancy and Management System on the Blood Minerals and Thyroid Hormones of Camels

Hozifa S. Yousif, Shadia A. Omer, Shamseldein H. Ahmed