Research on Stock Market Rumor Spread Model Based on Investor Sentiment
Xiangyang Gao

Survey on Overall Health Conditions of University Students in Dhaka

Munima Haque, M. Faizul Kabir, Md. Quamruzzaman, Afsana Al-Sharmin

The Independence of Financial Services Authority Role in Regulating and Supervising Banking Credit Agreement Protecting the Parties

Ispindar Zen, Suhariningsih, Sihabudin, Jazim Hamidi

Doctrine of Non Expropriation as Legal Protection Solutions for Minority Shareholders in Merger Limited Liability Company

Satria A. Putra, Sudarsono, Abd. Rachmad Budiono, Bambang Winarno

Legal Aid Arrangement for Police and Police Family in Indonesia

Sugiharto, Made Sadhi Astuti, Koesno Adi, Prija Djatmika

An Investigation on Issues and Challenges of Information System Security and Its Cryptographic Techniques: A Case Study of Tanzania Revenue Authority Dar Es Salaam

Edward Onyango Orinda, Alex Zakaria Ndaba

Sewerage Scheme Analysis of Sagar (M.P)

Mitesh Mahendra Shaha, Abhishek Dilip Sawant

How to Use the Temperature Data to Find the Appropriate Site for Best Wind Speed Generation?
Applications on Data Obtained from Three Different Cities of Cameroon

Marinette G. Jeutho, Fabien Kenmogne, David Yemélé

Generation of Regular and Chaotic Pulses via an Electrical Oscillator Forced by an External Periodic Signal

Guy Bertrand NDOMBOU, Fabien KENMOGNE, Samuel NOUBISSIE, David YEMELE, Jean Blaise TEGUIA, Anaclet FOMETHE

Topographic and Cadastral Documentation on a Survey of Industrial Building

Carmen Georgeta Dumitrache

Land Consolidation in Scandinavian Countries

Carmen Georgeta Dumitrache

Development of an Android-Based Class Record for Teachers

Dave E. Marcial, Chuchi S. Montenegro, Ranel B. Ubarre, Melody Angelique C. Rivera, Marianne S. Yao, Fairy May G. Katada