Bacteriological and Nutritional Qualities of Street – Vended Seafoods in Parts of Rivers State, Nigeria

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Time-Lapse Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Production Using Rock Properties and Attributes in Niger Delta

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Organic Sediment and Sedimentary Environment Using Palynomorphs from Bonny Coastal Area of Niger Delta

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An Investigation of the Relationship between Electrical Resistivity (Wenner and Schlumberger Arrays) and Geotechnical Parameters in Foundation Investigation in Basement Complex Area of Iloko, Osun State, Nigeria

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Geophysical Studies for Foundation Investigation in Basement Complex. Case Study of Iloko, Osun State, Nigeria

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A Geologic Field Report on the Geology of Part of the Oban Massif and Calabar Flank, South Eastern Nigeria

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The Geology of Part of Paiko Sheet 185 (North West), Nigeria

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