A Survey on Reputation Systems in E-Commerce

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A Survey on Internet Protocol Filtering Mechanisms

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Decision on Mitsubishi Mirage City Car in Jakarta Indonesia; Examining the Consumers’ Buying Intention over Promotion Mix and Product Quality

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Study on Different Types of Centralized and Distributed Time Synchronization Protocols in WSN

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The Proximate, Functional and Anti-Nutritional Properties of Three Selected Varieties of Maize (Yellow, White and Pop Corn) Flour

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Effect of Sand, Ash and Soil on Photovoltaic Performance: An Experimental Study

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A Survey on Multi-Criteria Based Optimizations in the Routing of Electric Vehicles

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A Study on Different Descriptors and Classifiers for Face Recognition

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A Study on Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on NSCT and Focused Area Detection

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A Study on Various Secret Data Embedding Techniques in Digital Images for Secure Communication

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Public Participation Involvement to Improve the Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Village and Their Surrounding Area in Lideta

Massreshaw Assnakew