Social Impact of Solid Waste Temporary Storage Area in Addis Ababa City

Massreshaw Assnakew Abebe

Change of Solid Waste Management System in Addis Ababa City for Best Practice and Nice Indication

Massreshaw Assnakew Abebe

Identify Best Similarity Matrix to Find Accurate Cluster Using Dendrogram Distance

Deepika Patidar, Vijay Kumar Verma

Disease Prediction System by Minimizing Number of Attributes

Meenakshi Sharma, Vijay Kumar Verma

A Low Energy Consumption Media Access Control Protocol for multi-level Body Networks using two Different Radio Channels

Abdolreza Ebrahimi, Mahdi Bagherizadeh

Mobility Aware Route Selection and Packet Scheduling Using Dynamic Secure Path Identifier

T. Parameswaran, S. Vickma

Model Predictions for Thermodynamic Behavior of Applied Surfaces and Surface Specimens – An Overview

Dr. Anil Kumar

Associated Bitopological Spaces of (i,j)- g*b –Closed Sets

Dr. Thakur C. K. Raman, Vidyottama Kumari

Effect of Different Types of Cuts on Different Parameters of Disc Brake

Anil Bakshi, Amritpal Singh

Developing Online Database of Food Recipes with Indigenous Ingredients

Dave E. Marcial, Mark B. Onte, Alvyn Klein Mana-ay

Turbidity Removal from Water by Use of Different Additive Materials

Sukhdeep Singh

Edge Detection Techniques in Processing Digital Images: Investigation of Canny Algorithm

K. Shankar, Dr. S. Srinivasan, Dr. T. S. Sivakumaran, K. Madhavi Priya

Index of Financial Inclusion

Ritesh Khatwani, Dr. Shubhra Aanand

An Algorithm for Interesting Negated Itemsets for Negative Association Rules from XML Stream Data

Juryon Paik